Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Distillery Opens in Sellwood

Finally!! We've opened our distillery in Sellwood. Sellwood is on the south side of Portland, Oregon. It's a great neighborhood, about 4 miles from downtown Portland. We have expanded our warehouse an additional 7200 square feet. Within this additional space is our new distillery. This is a small scale boutique distillery with capabilities for direct steam and water/steam distillation. In addition to serving as a functional distillery, this is also a show room for interested parties to view the various types of distillation apparatus we offer for sale. Our newest piece of equipment is a 35 gallon water/steam distiller, currently priced at $8780 US FOB Oregon. This is a self contained distiller that operates using propane as fuel for the burner. The water level is regulated with a float valve, so you never have to worry about running out of water. The condenser is also regulated for temperature so that you can set it to the temperature that you desire your distillate to be.


Anonymous said...

Dear Robert, I am Juan Carlos and live in Mexico. I am very interested in producing Pseudotsuga Menziesii essential oil. We've made small experiments and now we would like to acuire an equipment to process about 50 kg of branches at one. Can you gime me more information about the equipment you offer? thank you very much

Anonymous said...

I'm Juan Carlos from Mexico and my email is thaks

Distiller said...

Hello Juan. If you have a low pressure steam generator (minimum 10 horsepower) I would recommend a 100 gallon stainless steel distiller.

The next stem down, is a 35 gallon water/steam distiller which operates on either propane or natural gas.

If interested in either, please email me: