Monday, February 02, 2009

Distilling Lavandin Part 1


papalazarou said...

a truly excellent pair of videos - most people will have seen nothing like it - Robert - you were made for TV

PS Gill is just coming to the end of pruning her babies

mythnmystics said...

Hi Robert,

I'm izzuddin from Malaysia, FYI i never like any perfume in my life, addition i don't like the smell either and i absolutely know nothing about ess. oil, but something really change my perspective on perfume's. You did really enlighten me on making my own mixture of ess. oil to satisfy sense for smelling.I know i'm really picky in smells, for most part I'm kinda like saturated smell(if you know what i meant :) I really appreciate ur' works. Thanks Man.

There so many things in my head of smells that i want to preserve. I'm now trying to build my own home distiller hopefully the diagram matches the correct distiller yours The Essencier. It's kinda hard to find equipment here but i think i can make it.

Hope to see great post again, from you.

janina said...

Hello there Guerilla Distiller, fine videos of the direct steam process..Makes a lot of noise though..All the packing and feeling is the same with our experience.. Have a look at our newly created website, with photos of the stills, the process and the like at, maybe it gives you an appetite to stop by next time, we'd surely be delighted to meet and share
Janina and Babis

Distiller said...

Hello Jenina and Babis.
Dorene and I leave for Turkey tomorrow morning (7/21/09). If we can, I would love to travel to Crete to meet you folks!!

Distiller said...

Hello mythnmystics.

Thanks for your nice comments.
If you have difficulty making an essencier, try using a separatory funnel. However, unlike my essencier, you'll have to keep an eye on the separatory funnel so that it doesn't overflow.

Distiller said...

Derek, I misplaced your email address.

If possible, Dorene and I will try to get to Crete to visit. I'm not certain how our time will go once we get to Turkey however.