Monday, July 18, 2011

Cananga flower distillation

Cananga flowers are hydrodistilled for 60 hours.  Clove Wood is used to heat the direct fire still.  The aroma is similar to that of Ylang, but is always distilled as a whole oil unlike Ylang which is fractioned during distillation.


Alembics NZ said...

have you ever distilled manuka in a copper still. We have just done some in a 20 L Column and have got a sticky blue glue. Is this a reaction to the copper, do you know what constituents in plants react with copper, lavender is fine, but some plants seems to react - any solutions?

Alembics NZ said...

We have just distilled manuka in a 20 L copper still. We have alot of sticky blue glue. Do you know what plant constituents are reactive with the copper - is there a way of stopping this reaction when you are distilling?
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Distiller said...

The culprit is most likely the cineole present in Manuka Oil.

You can try adding citric acid to the oil, give it a shake, let it sit for a bit, then filtering it.

There also seems to be a reaction with geraniol.

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